Duray's fluorescent fixtures for the residential setting combine style and function. Whether the customer requires under-cabinet lights, surface mounts or closet lighting, Duray has them all. Most of the standard catalog items can be delivered in as little as three days.

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Institutional environments demand tough, durable light fixtures. Unlike most other applications, they are frequently subjected to severe abuse. Duray's line of institutional fixtures are specifically designed and manufactured to anticipate the unique characteristics of the application.


Duray's extensive line of industrial luminaires are available with a myriad of lamp and ballast options. In addition, many of these items can be shipped in as little as three days. Call the factory for more information.


Duray understands that office lighting has a direct effect on the comfort, productivity and job satisfaction of the people who work in that office. Duray's extensive line of commercial products incorporate the latest lamp and louver technology thus improving work environments by easing eye strain or glare on computer monitors.


Duray recognizes that in the healthcare setting, peoples lives and safety may depend on the quality and level of illumination provided. Whether Duray provides a standard catalog item or designs a new fixture, these expectations remain firmly in mind.


Lighting plays a critical role in merchandising products. Whether you seek point of purchase lighting, general illumination, accent lighting or task lighting, Duray offers the fluorescent products you need.

Note** Duray Lighting fixtures have been approved for General Coverage LED (LED tube) retrofit kits, for all fluorescent series. Ask for correct part numbers and pricing.


As lighting science changes at an accelerating pace, Duray maintains its position as a leading innovator in illumination.Whether the customer needs to illuminate a cove, brighten an office, or light a hospital, we offer simple solutions for complex projects customized to the customers' unique specifications. By designing fixtures that incorporate the latest ballast, lamp, reflector, and louver advances, Duray customers receive the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions that the industry has to offer.